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Two pairs of variably weighted balls and silicone cradle for pelvic exerciseSilicone vaginal ballsRechargeable vibrator with 5 functions and 7 speedsNon-porous glass dildo with round knobs and a dark blue colored ball headDouble ended glass dildo with a smooth tipped head and sensuously curved erect shaftDouble-headed stainless steel dildo wand with curved shaft.Dual-action stainless steel wand with graduated heads and curved shaft.Ergonomic and high quality barbell shaped kegel exerciser


Smart Balls, by FunFactory ($25)

It didn’t occur to me to use my pelvic floor during sex or masturbation until I started to play around with beads. It’s worth doing – now, I can’t imagine having sex without using my pelvic floor. It heightens sensation and intensifies my orgasms. And if you have a flagging libido, weighted balls and beads can be a great way to re-ignite that general area.

Smart Balls consist of two connected balls with smaller weighted beads within them, so the great value here is that when you put them inside you, you can feel them. There’s a very soft tapping sensation inside you as you move, which means you can feel your pelvic floor, which means you can strengthen it. As far as sexual stimulation goes, it’s subtle and pleasurable.

The balls themselves aren’t great for passive strengthening. For that, it’s better to find heavy, smooth balls that take effort to hold inside you. But these are great for active strengthening. Since you can feel them, they’re idea deliberate excercises. When I use them, I loop the string around my finger and pull the string while I resist internally to hold them inside. Or I wear them to remind myself to strengthen my pelvic floor, since the pressure and movement of the weights repeatedly draw my attention to the area. Honestly, if you’re a woman, you should own a pair of these and you should use them.



Gigi, by Lelo ($105)

I picked up Lelo’s Gigi model in London and it’s become my favorite for vibration. It’s great for travel — the one I bought came with converters for Europe, the UK, and the US.

It’s quiet. The vibration is really good, deep, and the settings offer a number of different rhythms for a kind of self-imposed foreplay, or a steady, continuous vibration for the more practical purpose of getting off. Like most vibrators, it also allows you to adjust the intensity. My only issue is the weirdness of the on/off, which requires holding the button in place or pushing it at angle — I never remember. And while they pitch it as a G-spot vibrator, I rarely use it for penetration, though maybe I should. Generally, when I want to entertain my G-spot, I use a Pure Wand.



Pure Wand, by Njoy ($110)

Which brings me to Njoy.

I like Njoy because of the stunning aesthetic, the material (polished 316 grade stainless steel), and the design, which makes for some fantastic G-spot pressure. It doesn’t spin and whirl and flash, like the Rabbit. Instead, it offers weight and pressure to heighten pleasure. And it really, really heightens pleasure.

So Njoy rejects the imitation-cock model of sex toy to form these smooth, abstract shapes. My experience is with the Pure Wand (pictured), a curved bar with a large ball at one end and a smaller ball at the other. The curve maximizes leverage, so that it takes very little effort to apply pressure to the G-spot, and it’s heavy — very heavy — so there’s a fantastic feeling of fullness. The steel is cool but heats up very quickly, and adds that dimension of surface sensation. The surface of the wand itself is ultra-smooth, so this is something you use for pressure and depth and weight rather than friction. Overall, it’s a subtle, gorgeous object, and yet the orgasms are absolutely off the scale. On that, I’d encourage you to read Chelsea’s experience.

And I love the idea of being penetrated by something beautiful.


[ Photo: Aeric Meredith-Goujon ]

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